Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Latest Videos

So I have recently uploaded a few videos, but they haven't really been the sort to blog on. I'm not going to sit and bore you with a blog about a haul. I describe everything in the video so there is no point. I do have a couple of nail videos to blog about though. The first is my easter nails.

Now I don't normally do holiday themed nails, as I don't like to be the same as everyone else. However, these nails were just so cute I couldn't resist. Although in my defence, I wore them last week, 2 weeks before easter lol. So I guess I was ok :)

My second nail video is a product review. I reviewed Beauty Uk's matte top coat, and have seriously fallen in love. For only £1.99, this product is amazing. It can change the colour of any polish and turn it matte, but also provides chop free wear for at least 5 days in my case, which is awesome :)

Keep an eye out for both videos, which should be available to view now :)

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