Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Missguided Makeup Review

So I have recently become obsessed with a makeup brand called Missguided. It is a UK based brand, but they do ship internationally. (take a quick peek!)
They are mainly a fashion site,but they do sell nail polish and lipgloss. I currently have 3 of the 4 lipglosses and 3 of the 8 nail polishes. They also sell eyelure eyelashes and patterned nail wraps.
I do feel like their prices are a little expensive, but they are midmarket. Varnish and gloss are £5 each, but they do do a gloss 4 pack which is £12, saving you £8! They are very good quality, so the price is very reflective of that. 
The gloss is not sticky or oily, and it smells lovely. It also stays put all day, so really £5 is a bargain! The polish is also very nice. You could get away with one coat if you are in a rush, but 2 coats makes it really vibrant. It doesn't chip or peel, so again very much worth the money. I also love the names they have come up with. My favorite is for the teal varnish, which is called Misstique.
 Overall, I am extremely happy with these products, and would love to get more in the future!
Here is my video review

MissChevious, MissTaken & MissTique
MissLed, MissHap & MissFortune
Swatches :)

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