Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cheap makeup vs Expensive makeup

Hi guys. Today I want to talk about cheap vs chic. As you may know if you have seen my videos, I believe in finding cheap alternatives to brand name products. I personally cannot afford to buy designer brands such as Mac or Channel, I struggle to afford drugstore brands such as Rimmel or Maybelline! I like to find brands like MUA or beauty uk which are brilliant at what they do, but are also affordable. My favourite brand right now is MUA (Make Up Academy) which is from Superdrug. Every item is £1 and it is brilliant quality. A future video I am going to do is a full face make over using only MUA, and all for under £10.

I just really don't see the appeal. I have seen a mac lipgloss selling for £32, whereas for the same price you could get £32 MUA lipglosses, or even 19 2true lipglosses! I have no problem with Mac or Channel or any other exspensive brand, but for pretty much the same product at a fraction of the price, I know where I will get my makeup from :)

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