Friday, 29 July 2011

Barry M Nail Varnish

So today I am uploading a new video onto YouTube about my Barry M polish collection. I have recently bought 2 new colours which brought my little collection up to 8.
The colours are (from left to right):262 bright red, 161 vivid purple, 279 (no name as it is old, but you can get a very similar colour), 290 spring green, 315 blue crackle, 296 coral, 150 red glitter, 66 white.

I have done some swatches which look like this:

Some pro's about the polish:
  • It goes on smoothly, 
  • good colour coverage after 2 coats, 
  • doesn't fade/chip easily, 
  • nice packaging, 
  • brush doesn't shed.

Con's about the polish:
  • Goes thick after a few uses, so needs thinning with nail varnish remover, 
  • peels easily off of natural nails (only if a lot of coats have been applied though), 
  • can be hard to replace some colours as they get replaced.

I will continue to buy Barry M varnish as I do love it, especially at the moment as it is 2 for £4.99 in Superdrug!

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