Monday, 18 July 2011

pixie stixx jewelry

Hi guys. Today I want to do a written review of pixie stixx jewelry. The owner of the company is named Katie, and she is lovely. She is based in Britain, but posts worldwide. I have now had 10 items from her and I love them all. Below I will post some pictures that I have taken from her facebook site of the items that I own. Price wise she is quite cheap. I have spent about £50 total for all my items, which when you see the work that has gone into them is fantastic! I think some of her prices have recently risen, but only slightly, and to keep on track with the economic change.

Cookie collection

I have the cookie monster necklace, cookie earrings and cookie ring. I absolutely love these as they are so cute and different, but they look very realistic. My daughter tried to eat them once as she thought they were real!

Skull necklace

I love my skull necklace. it is the first item I saw on her profile and the first one I fell in love with. It features 3 skulls that have 2 faces (1 each side) and a jar filled with hearts, bones and glitter. The detail on them is beautiful and all made from clay, not painted on. She also used gems to finish the look off.


The geisha I have was originally on a watch necklace, but I asked if I could have her as a charm on her own. I did say in my video i was a little disappointed with her size given her price (£6), but I also said that I can understand why due to the detailing. She has very intricate pieces such as her eyes and flowers, which I feel are reflected in her price. SHe also makes different versions and colours, and even one with jointed arms!


I have 3 cupcake charms that I have attached to a charm bracelet. I was only able to find a picture of one though. I had a duck, a spider and a purple bow cupcake and all are gorgeous. Very good size too, so well worth the money!

Teaparty necklace

I had a necklace custom made for a dressing up day which was Alice in Wonderland themed. The picture I have is very similar to what I got, however my charms included a mad hatter hat, cup of tea, teapot, french fancy with an 'eat me' sign, a strawberry cake and a cake on a plate. The watch is the same. Beautiful again.

Rose ring

Last, but not least, is my blue rose ring. This is also the competition prize on my YouTube page. It has an adjustable ring to fit most finger sizes and comes in a variety of colours and styles.

I will continue to buy from Pixie Stixx as I really love the jewelry and the styles. Links to follow :)!/pages/Pixie-Stixx-Jewellery/101358479927743

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